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Two rAemarkable graphic art exhibitions opening at Jūrmala City Museum

International graphic art exhibition „STRONG WATER – 4” and

Nele Zirnīte solo exhibition ”TRANSFUSION”

November 29, 2013, 18.30 at Jūrmala City Museum (29 Tirgoņu Street, Majori, Jūrmala) two exhibitions are opening – the international travelling graphic art exhibition ”STRONG WATER – 4” and solo exhibition “TRANSFUSION” by artist Nele Zirnīte

Exhibitions will be open to visitors as of 30.11.2013.

Information about the international graphic art exhibition „STRONG WATER – 4”

The basic concept of project “STRONG WATER” – mutual interaction of subject and medium, promoting etching techniques, as well as using the subject of “water” in works of art as integral creative force for various expressions of art.

Exhibition „STRONG WATER - 4” is already the fourth exhibition of an international scope, part of the long-standing project STRONG WATER”, and its participants are distinguished and world-renowned names as well as young artists from Latvia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, Australia, Montenegro, Japan and India.

The largest part of the exhibition is comprised of work by “Etching Guild” graphic art masters as well as Swiss artists. From May 11 to 21, 2013, the exhibition “STRONG WATER – 3” was on display at OSLO 12 Halle D exhibition hall, which provided an opportunity for further artist cooperation. Switzerland is represented by several etching workshop leaders and well-known etchers: Franziska Schiratzki, Astrid Schmid, Mathias Gentinetta, Daniela Erni and others, as well as artists who perceive etching to be an important part of their expression: Krassimira Drenska, Claudia Fellmer, Helmut Sennhauser, Lynn Catania Voeffray, Marianna Vogler,  Stefan Werthmüller, Sieglinde Wittwer-Thomas. Many artists have primarily turned to the allure and endless possibilities of intaglio: Helga Halbritter, Nicole Manuel, Sabina Stucky, Inese Troska. For example, artist Sabine Haerri gladly endows etching with a new meaning by complementing it with sound installations and other means of digital media.

Latvia is represented by known and acknowledged artists – Gunārs Krollis, Nele Zirnīte, Baiba Damberga, Varis Krauklis, Arturs Ņikitins, Inārs Helmūts, as well as younger authors who just recently joined the art scene – Ansis Butnors, Baiba Kalna, Gabija Priede and Signe Štrauss. The exhibition also includes a video projection “Force Majeure”, by artists Arnis Stasaitis and Modris Brasliņš.

A very special place in the exhibition will be devoted to the work of the great Latvian classic, “Etching Guild” master Dzidra Ezergaile (1926–2013) to commemorate her passing away this summer.

The guild master Nele Zirnīte award (original technique diploma with a logo of copper plate element, as well as an original etching), established in 2013, was first awarded in Switzerland to artist J. Schefter. This tradition will be continued and the next ceremony will take place in Latvia. The basic idea is to provide an opportunity for artists from other countries to be integrated into this project and enrich the travelling exhibition with new creative currents. Each time it is displayed at various places of the world in a different quality to promote, improve and promote this form or art. By strengthening cooperation in the field of culture between creative workshops in different countries and finding new fellows the name of Latvia is promoted worldwide and attention is attracted to our country.

The project is supported by:

VKKF, Jūrmala City Museum, Latvijas Dzelzceļš, Eirovīns

Information support:

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Rakesh Bani.2013. Memories, etching, aquatint / 49 x 65 cm _  ( Indija )

Jean Schaffter  - 2013. Window 1, aquatint / 66 x 49, 3 cm _  ( Šveice )

Poster (artist Nele Zirnīte)

Information about Nele Zirnīte solo exhibition ”TRANSFUSION”

Exhibition open to visitors 30.11.2013-29.12.2013 at Jūrmala City Museum Fireplace hall.

Opening 29.11.2013 at 18.30.

This exhibition is going to include the most recent work by artist Nele Zirnīte, “Etching Guild” master. “Transfusion” – in medical practice this is a term for blood transfer. In her childhood the artist often enjoyed playing with objects of various shapes and made of various materials, filling transparent bottles and bowls with water and adding different colouring agents and thus creating new substances.

“I could spend hours and hours pouring liquids from one container to another, watching the process of blending. I liked being “in my imaginary laboratory”, which later imperceptibly moved to the graphic art studio to continue its life in ideas and artwork. The spirit of experimenting that captivates and comes with each new piece of art, it accompanies me up to this day. I search for the formula of information “transfusion” now according to the idea, to the relation of colour and shape, offering the spectator to observe and enjoy a visual impression.” - Nele Zirnīte.

The most recent work is often based on an intimate dialogue of idea and improvisation. Transparent still-life objects unexpectedly sprout up in the foreground, finding their place on the sheet and converging with living nature, they settle in soundly and create a surreal vision. Using monotype on an intaglio plate helps creating an effect of the presence of multidimensional space. Each print is one of its kind. By experimenting with photo etching techniques a lot, an author’s technique named Neig came about (the name incorporates the first letters of the names of its two authors – Nele &Igors).

Water is often depicted in the artwork here, and it is also the main theme of the international project  “STRONG WATER”, curated by Nele Zirnīte. The human body as a container that stores water – so important for maintaining the spirit of life. It circulates and changes unrelentingly, as without movement there is no life, and movement is necessary in art as well. The solo exhibition “TRANSFUSION” was available to the public already in May 2013 at OSLO 12 Halle D exhibition hall in Basel, Switzerland, but the exhibition at Jūrmala museum will feature some new additions.

“When working with big projects and inspiring colleagues to tackle subjects that are close to my heart, I have a feeling that we are creating one piece of art of a huge scale, with where various cultures and currents intertwining, and that is very spectacular. I am convinced that both these exhibitions, on display at the Jūrmala museum at the same time, will not leave the visitors bored. They complement each other and help understand the concept of both “STRONG WATER” and the solo exhibition “TRANSFUSION” better, as they are closely connected. The process of generating ideas, the resonance and the movement of information currents in my mind is closely associated with the never-ceasing process of transfusion all around...” - Nele Zirnīte

The project is supported by:

VKKF, Jūrmala City Museum, Leilands un Putnis

Information support:

PLEASE FIND ATTACHED IMAGES FOR PRESS (to receive larger images please submit a separate request)

Nele Zirnīte

1. Angel of Sunsat. 2013,  intaglio, neig – author’s technique, monotype / 50 x 65 cm

  1. Liwing Water, 2013,  intaglio, neig – author’s technique, monotype / 50 x 65 cm

Information prepared by:

Eva Rotčenkova,

Art theorist


Nele Zirnīte,

Curator of the exhibition

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