Strong water - 4 (2013)


In November 2013 at the City Art Museum of Jūrmala, Latvia, will house the international graphic art exhibition “STRONG WATER – 4”. This will be the fourth exhibition of an international scope, part of the long-standing project „Strong Water”, with distinguished and world-renowned artists as well as young professional artists from Latvia and other countries of the world. After this exhibition, throughout year 2014 (when Riga will be European Capital of Culture), selected works will be displayed at small exhibitions at „Rīgas Tālers” gallery in Riga for admirers of graphic art to view.

The basic idea of the project is to build a creative art environment open to artists of different generations, stimulating and developing professional print art as well as providing an integration opportunity for artists from other countries into this process. By enriching the travelling exhibition with new creative currents, it can be shown at various places of the world in a different quality to promote this form or art and find new fellows. Sharing experiences, improving, developing and refining professional quality help strengthening cooperation in the field of culture between creative workshops in different countries.

Project „Strong Water” continues the basic concept based on the mutual interaction of subject and medium – the subject of „water“ interpreted in etching techniques. Each master of etching has their own experience with aqua forte, which translates from Latin as strong water – nitric acid HNO3. As a result of the effect of the acid, an artistic idea is visualized by creating a cliché on a metal plate. The title „Strong Water” is also a source of creative inspiration for the authors of this exhibition. Water as a sensitive substance, interspersed with mystery, holds within its omnifarious molecular formulae reflections of human history and memory as well as the ability to change. Water can be the source of life force, but it can also transform into a destructive weapon, turning into a hostile element.

  • Artworks accepted for the exhibition will be pieces of high professional quality, accomplished in print art techniques with emphasis on etching, where the basic principle and an integral part of the technical process is etching treatment (using „strong water”). Also other graphic artworks of esteemed quality, complementing etching with elements of other graphic techniques, will be chosen for the exhibition.
  • The competition is open to all professional artists, there is no age limit.
  • The number of artworks submitted by an author is not limited (response regarding selecting gallery work will be given according to the decision of the jury committee).
  • Maximum dimensions of artwork should be 70cm x 80cm (paper size)

*exceptions are possible

Association „Oforta Ģilde“
Nele Zirnīte,
Curator of the exhibition
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