For the sixth year, artist and distinguished master of the technique of etching Nele Zirnīte is holding an international project entitled Strong Water (from French: Eau Forte – strong water – acid). With a rich representation of authors and a wide scope of works – including over 60 artists from 18 countries – the exhibition was on display at the Jurmala City Museum from September 29 to October 16, 2016.

Etching is a graphic art technique that originated many centuries ago and its recognition in world’s history of art as a separate technique is related to the works by Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) and Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606-1669). Since its early days, the possibilities of etching have been considerably developed and enhanced, while still preserving its charm of the past.

Nele Zirnīte has been tirelessly presenting this technique of visual art and educating those interested about it, by heading the society Etching Guild (Oforta Ģilde) and carrying out etching-related projects for many years both abroad and in Latvia (in particular, the project Mobile Graphic Art Workshop (Mobilā Grafikas darbnīca) in Jūrmala.
Taking part in the display are authors from both Latvia and abroad, working in a graphic art technique, not only etching, as contemporary art is characterised by transitions not only from various technical methods that make it harder for art theoreticians to analyse and classify artworks, but also by artists discussing a scope of topics they are interested in.

“Even though the priority of Etching Guild is etching and exhibitions dominated by intaglio techniques are held periodically (project “Strong Water” – since 2010 and other exhibitions), from time to time, artists are encouraged to cross the boundaries of their creative experience to focus their efforts to a different means of expression. The integration of various technical methods in the creative process can only enhance the creation of prints and add “fresh blood” and circulate it in graphic artworks.”
Nele Zirnīte

A key scope of topics that are reflected upon nowadays is based on the pluralism and transition of various cultures and influences, as well as of technical methods and the perception of art as such; this also applies to every field.

Eva Rotčenkova,

Digital catalogue of the exhibition is avialable to download here: >>CATALOGUE<<


Curator of exhibition _ Nele Zirnite

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