Etching Guild would like to thank again everyone involved in Strong Water 6 project by participating, supporting, helping, visiting. Six years ago Nele Zirnite, a devoted artist herself, started the project having almost nothing but the strong willing to develop graphic art, showing what is happening on contemporary printmaking art scene in Latvia and all the rest of the world, to create and to strengthen international contacts between artists and graphic studios. After creating and leading the society of artists working in graphic art Etching Guild Nele Zirnite released numerous non-commercial projects, exhibitions and workshops with the newest highlight - Strong Water 6 // Transition up to date.

Today we are super happy to release a digital catalogue of the exhibition with the curator's selection of works by each participated artist. Huge Thank You goes again to all the artists participating, our partners and supporters, our team and people around us helping to make it all happen and to most important people when it comes to this whole thing - the people who come time after time to the exhibitions and appreciates art! And above all, dear Artists - in this difficult times thank You for devotedly creating art and working on developing printmaking art!



Strong Water 6



In autumn 2016 in Jurmala City Museum will happen an international printmaking exhibition “Transition” within the project “Strong Water”, that have its start in 2010 and highlighting with annual international printmaking exhibitions. Well-known masters as well as the new professional artists from Latvia and the rest of the world will take part in the exhibition. The fundamental idea of the project is to enrich professional level of artists and to popularize traditional techniques of printmaking, reinforcing existing and establishing new creative connections between artists and studios of different countries.

Using different possibilities of printmaking art will be actualized the theme of Transition. Our times are characterized by rapid activities, human’s hasty actions more and more are made without the period, which takes a time and nowaday’s virtual space gives us instant opportunities, where death and life interbreeds in one point.

However, the priority of “Etching Guild” is etching and the exhibitions organized by the Guild mainly consists of works created in intaglio techniques (project ‘Strong Water’ since 2010 and others), from time to time every artist is challenged to cross the borders of their professional experience in order to make an attempt in other ways of expression. The integration of different techniques in the creative process will enrich the creative process of making a print, pouring and letting circulate a “new blood” in graphic works. For this reason, the exhibition ‘Transition’ invites to participate professional artists and students from all over the world expressing themselves in various printmaking techniques in order to offer a broader and multi-sided perspective on nowadays printmaking art scene.

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"Strong water - 4"
International graphic art excibition
Jurmala City Museum (29. novembris - 29. decembris)

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